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Live from Laconia NH

Well, my Leaf Peeping excursion is off and running. Foliage is starting to turn along 395 in CT, but not at all in Eastern Mass. Once I hit New Hampshire, however, it started to improve though it is spotty. Some trees are bare, others are green, and a few are gorgeous (saw a red stunner).

I’m in Laconia right now. I’m going to miss my train ride in North Conway because I spent too much time in Concord at the State History museum. Oh well, no biggie. It is a gorgeous fall day, no coat required. Poked around the state capitol area, which was pretty deserted. Traffic on the way up was pretty smooth sailing in spite of the holiday weekend. Seemed to be more people leaving NH than arriving.

My trip got off to a bit of a late start when I discovered as I was leaving that my GPS device – which I am relying on much to get around – was not charging. I then realized a piece was missing from the car adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter. Poop! Wasn’t sure what to do (could always travel the caveman way and use a MAP!) Then I remembered that while I was vacuuming the car yesterday I saw a little black thingie on the floor and couldn’t figure out what it was. I tossed it in the ashtray. It was the missing piece to the GPS. Bingo!

So I had a nice ride north, listening to my Broadway playlist. I haven’t traveled much since I got all these new technological gadgets. They truly make travel a delight. I have the GPS to direct me anywhere, I have my entire music collection on my mp3 player that I can hear over the car stereo, I have my whole book collection on my Kindle electronic book reader for my hotel reading, and I have Internet access via my new notebook computer (thanks Mom & Dad!) that I’m using now, which also gets me access to a huge cache of movies I can watch via my Netflix account…. it’s like having the world at your fingertips! (And there’s the cellphone, of course. We are SO spoiled! well, I am anyway…))

Well, I think I’ll explore the Lake Winnipesaukee area a bit, and then head up to Conway, where I’m spending the night. Hope this gorgeous weather holds up!

I’ll post more tonight……..

Peeping Tim


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