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A tribute to my dog Marley, who I had to put to sleep yesterday.
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1st collector for Marley
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5 thoughts on “Marley

  1. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful companion. We remember Marley from the Norwich shop. You have our deepest sympathy. Lori & Bob Clifford

  2. Words can’t express my sadness for you. What a beautiful tribute to your beloved companion! I feel your pain. God bless and may Marley rest in peace.

  3. I can remember going in and out of Magazines & More in Norwich many times and hardly saying more than hello and goodbye to you. Then one day Marley was behind the counter with you and I remember saying “I have a yellow Lab too”. From then on we always talked and I so looked forward to going to the shop to see you both. I missed you both when you went to the Cape, the store was never the same.

    Thank you for writing this loving tribute to a wonderful dog. I have been in your shoes and I know how hard it is to lose a friend. My last Lab died two years ago and I said “no more dogs”. But four months later I adopted a small Japanese Chin who wagged her way into my heart and home. I found I needed that unconditional friendship and love in my life.

    You have my deepest sympathy.

  4. Tim,
    You probably don’t remember me, but I met you years ago at Magazines and More when we were building the dog park in Norwich. I also met Marley there. Your Dad used to keep me up to date on Marley when he and I sang in the Sr Center Chorus together. He and your Mom loved Marley so and looked forward to the days when they would be “baby sitting” him for you.

    He was a special dog, well loved, who lived a very good life. Not every dog gets to have the kind of life you provided for him. He was lucky to have you, just as you were fortunate to have him.

    That’s the way life works, we give and we take. And it’s for better and worse.

    Thinking of you in your time of loss. I will include Marley’s name and yours in the “In Memorium” section of my Comcast public access show “Hometown Pets,” this coming Tuesday at 6pm We memorialize pets who have passed away, as until you showed people how to do it, there was no other avenue for people to acknowledge the loss of their beloved pets.

    Thank you for that. I think I will share the obituary you wrote for Marley on the show, if you don’t mind.

  5. Look to heaven, take a deep breath, and you will feel Marley’s presence. The space between is filled with an extra “furry” layer of love…Love transcends space & time…..

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